On the front cover: the immune system and exercise


Ever read this magazine?

It’s a scandinavian fitness magazine aimed mainly at women and this month I’m on the front page. I know what you think. No. I’m not that woman who somehow looks amazing through the sweat (is that even sweat?).

I’m the article circled in read!!

I was invited to write an article about the effect of exercise on our immune system and they even put it on the cover. Yay!
I’m not going to hide the fact that I’m very excited. I find this insanely cool.

I Form is published in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

It was a great challenge to go through the scientific literature and present the research in an understandable and, more importantly, usable way. I was told the readers wanted hands-on advice, but exercise literature is a jungle at level of nutritional literature. Not all studies are relevant for this type of article and frankly not all of them are good. Exercise is not my field and I was therefore very cautious not to use any articles by authors who also promote specific sport brands or nutritional supplements. Mostly I tried to convey what I believe is the consensus in the literature while also being open about the fact that no research has found a specific program that will keep you from getting sick. Honestly no such program will ever exist, but that is another discussion.
The article outlines (some of) what we know so far about the effect of exercise on the immune system and gives some advice on how to implement that into your routine.



3 thoughts on “On the front cover: the immune system and exercise

  1. That would be a great share on the topic. And I think exercise will to some degree help to enhance our immune system if done in a right way. As immune system also connects with brain,thus positive thoughts generated during the process would also improve the performance of immune system. BOC Sciences

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