Standing with @DNLee

I’ve grown up surrounded by strong women (and men) that has always inspired and encouraged me to be brave and have faith in my own capabilities. Moreover the issues women face, weather it’s criticism for not staying at home or downright discrimination has always been openly discussed in my family. I know of sexism and discrimination both from my own experiences, family members and colleagues. Yet somehow it seems to me that many of my generation has this idea that women’s issues are a thing of the past.

After all, we’re scientists. We hire people based on their skills, right?
Gender has nothing to do with publications or citations, yes??
No one would treat me differently just because I’m a woman???

What happened to @DNLee these last few days prove exactly the opposite: being called a whore for refusing to work for free happened friday night last week. It’s 2013. Despite everything we’re able to do, we’re not further ahead than that.

I’ve collected a few of the blogposts that discuss the event and I encourage you all to read them. Acts of sexism and discrimination rarely receive such kind of responses. It is an important opportunity for you to learn if you thought being a women is not a problem these days.

We still have a long way to go, so let’s open our eyes and get to it.
#StandingwithDNLee on twitter and in the bloggsphere is important, but don’t forget to do so in the analog world as well!

Reading material:

Isis the Scientist: Tell Someone “No”, Get Called a Whore and An Open Letter…

Maryn McKenna at Wired: On Science, Communication, Respect and Coming back from mistakes 


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